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To advocate the virtues of golf as an impactful and therapeutic means of helping those in need by alleviating the physical, mental and financial barriers and inspire and enrich the quality of life for all Active Duty Military, Reserves, National Guard, and Veterans, Underserved Youth, and Newcomers to the game.

Project Golf is a 501(c)3 charity established based on the business model of “3 Pillars” of service to the community. Our Mission clearly states that our focus of support is on our Active Duty Military, Reserves, National Guard and Veterans, Underserved Youth, and Newcomers to the game on the Grand Strand. Below is a graphic illustration:


To be recognized as the premier provider of golf instruction on the Grand Strand from multiple locations that inspires, empowers, and enriches the quality of life for Disabled Veterans, Underserved Youth, and Newcomers to the game.


The Project Golf Team is the lifeblood of our organization. Made up of only four (4) staff personnel, 11 volunteer Veteran Ambassadors, and 14 PGA Professional Instructors. We have supported 30 instructional classes, 453 Disabled Veterans, 100 Underserved Youth, and 500 golf Newcomers. Below is our team:

Angel Diaz, PGA Member
Gary Schaal, PGA Member
Executive Director
Jack Lutz
Frankie Bianco, PGA
PGA Member
Paul Carlson, PGA
PGA Member/Volunteer


We alleviate physical, mental, and financial barriers and provide access to golf while connecting people and cultivating enduring relationships through the game of golf.


We provide them with top quality golf instruction and create a comfort and confidence level for continued development and introduce future golfers to local facilities.


We are professional and amateur golfers helping others to receive some of the same rewards of camaraderie, mental & physical health, and competition that we have derived from this great game.


There is always something new happening at, and in this section we feature our most up-to-date Project Golf news & blogs. Below please find the links to various news articles and blogs:


Our testimonials are our best endorsements of the results we are having with inspiring, enhancing, and improving the quality of life for our Disabled Veterans, Underserved Youth, and Newcomers to the game through our instructional programs. Below please find our testimonials by segment served.

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