Golfers Helping golfers

Growing the Game of Golf in the Myrtle Beach Area

What we do

We remove barriers and provide access to golf. We connect people through the game. We cultivate an enduring relationship with golf.

How We Do It

We introduce future golfers to local golf facilities, provide them with top quality instruction, and create a comfort level with the sport for continued development.

Why we do it

We are golfers helping other golfers to receive some the same rewards that we derived from this great game; camaraderie, health, and competition.

Donations & Fundraising

We need your help to bring the next generation of golfers to the game, to support Veteran golf programs, and to provide top-quality instruction. Let’s preserve and grow the game we love!

5 Reasons to Play Golf

Reason #1
Golf is good for your body; it can increase oxygenation, improve posture, and enhance fitness.
Reason #2
Golf is good for your mind; a 9 or 18-hole round is one long mental exercise and can relieve anxiety and reduce depression and stress.
Reason #3
Golf can connect you with others and help foster lasting friendships.
Reason #4
Golf is a sport for a lifetime; because it is low-impact, older golfers can play comfortably.
Reason #5
Golf connects you with nature and lets you experience the great outdoors.

The Future of Golf Begins Right Here

Project Golf is growing the game of golf, one golfer at a time. Our goal is to bring people to game, not for one day, but for their lifetime. We bring junior golfers to the sport and help them stick with golf through high school and beyond. We offer golf as therapy to Veterans and Disabled Veterans to recognize their sacrifices and to allow them to use the golf course as a place of solace.

Breaking Through the Barrier

We understand the game of golf can be intimidating. We are here to help new golfers overcome the initial discomfort of trying something new. We take the time to discuss and demonstrate the normal golf procedures, like checking in to a facility, booking a tee time, and golf course etiquette. When these newly minted golfers are ready to commit to the sport, we offer advice regarding golf equipment purchases. Most importantly, we connect people with others who are just starting out on their golf journey, so that they can create lasting friendships.

Our Partners & Supporters

PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) Testimonial: Sherri Jackson

Recently, we introduced you to Project Golf’s launch of the Myrtle Beach chapter of PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere). In this video, Sherri Jackson, E8 (Ret.), United States Army, shares heartfelt testimony with’s Charlie Rymer about the impact PGA HOPE Myrtle Beach has already had on her life. Sherri was one of 20 military veterans who benefited from the first of PGA HOPE Myrtle Beach’s six-week programs.

A Distinguished Veteran’s New Mission

When Gene Augustine “retired” from his first career, he decided to push all his chips toward the middle of the table. On the outside, immersing himself in the golf industry may have looked like a gamble, or possibly a way to pass the time. No, for Augustine, this was personal.



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