Year In Review, “From the Executive Directors Tee Box”

The year 2021 was a good year for Project Golf which was measured in several ways:

The number of students enrolled and graduated was robust and with our PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) classes, we exceeded all other Chapters in the country.  All of our students want more instruction and playing time.   in many ways six weeks is sufficient but with others, they need more instruction and supervised practice to be “golf course ready”.   We are working on advanced classes.  

Project Golf’s story is beginning to be told and we are getting inquiries about classes, volunteering, and tournament partnering.  From a fundraising perspective, this community has been extraordinarily generous.  We thank all of you for your donations, time, funds, and equipment.


There is a clear role for Project Golf in our local and regional community.  Our goal of growing the game is relevant and after two full years, we realize that our focus on disabled veterans, youth, and beginners is producing new players.

The synergy of Project Golf ‘s operations efforts and the marketing /social media efforts of GTS will allow us to grow and fulfill our goals.

Golf’s allied associations are providing support for our programs, as they are all pursuing growth of the game initiatives while having a keen eye on diversity.


As stated above, our mission statement is authentic and relevant so we must continue nurturing those components that allowed us to get to this point.  We will do this by: 

– Continuing to vividly tell our story, enhance our communication process so that all of us (staff, students, instructors, donors, ambassadors and volunteers, and our boards) are aware of all programs, goals, and metrics.

– Build a fundraising plan that reaches all target audiences while providing reason and value to our requests.

– Finally, we must define success. That is, what do we want to be five years from now.  Golf has been very good to us; we want to make it even better.

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