WMBF Salutes: Veterans able to escape daily worries through golf

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – A program along the Grand Strand is offering veterans a chance to escape daily worries through golf.

It’s called PGA Hope and PGA professionals are working with veterans to learn the tricks of the trade on the green.

Veterans spend six to eight weeks in a course to learn the game, with a goal of enhancing their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

Veteran Thomas Maneely is a part of the program.

“I like being able to stand with other veterans, talking to people eye to eye. You don’t get that when you’re in a wheelchair,” Maneely said.

Disabled veterans can utilize a device the program has to be able to stand. It’s what Maneely describes as a “Ferrari” of equipment for paraplegics.

Veterans are taught by PGA professionals who are trained in adaptive golf so they can best teach the game. PGA professional Gary Schaal said vets can go neglected in many ways so they thought the program could add excitement and fill a gap, which they found to be true.

Veterans inspired by the program can get involved next Tuesday, Feb. 23. Space is limited but vets can register for the next class by reaching out to Schaal at (843) 458-8470, [email protected], or Chris Aranda at (843) 232-2441 or [email protected].

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