Project Golf & the Heritage Classic Foundation: Golfers Helping Golfers

Hear from Project Golf spokesperson Charlie Rymer and Doug Smith, 2019 chair of the Heritage Classic Foundation‘s Congressional Cup, on how the two charitable entities are working together to help others in need in South Carolina.

Charlie Rymer:
It’s called Project Golf. There are three things that we’re focusing on there. Number one is innovative ways to grow the game, and we’ve already started doing some stuff that’s really working. The second part is growing the game of golf. And as someone who’s a product of junior golf, that’s something that I get. It’s really easy for me to do. It’s important for us to grow the game of golf, not only for our industry, but it’s the right thing to do as well. So it’s doing a lot of great things for kids. And then here’s the part that I’m really excited about is, we’re serving our veterans.

Doug Smith:
By you being here and by you supporting this effort, we’ve done some pretty good things in the last eight years. We think that finding these charitable opportunities is important. And this program came to light from my good friend Benton Montgomery, and Benton introduced me years ago to (Project Golf executives) Gary Schaal and Bill Golden. And Gary just started talking about his program and I said, “You know, that’s exactly what we need to get involved in.”

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