Changing Lives Through PGA HOPE: Ron Kurimsky

As Project Golf in Myrtle Beach, S.C. continues its work in advancing the mission of PGA HOPE (“Helping Our Patriots Everywhere”), we check in with participating veterans to get their thoughts on how the program has helped servicemen and servicewomen in need. Here, Ron Kurimsky offers his testimonial on the benefits of PGA HOPE.

What has this experience meant for you?

Ron Kurimsky:

Well, it’s been a lot of fun and it’s also been a good growth experience. You learn a lot. You’re hanging around these pros and they really know what they’re doing. And I’ve been playing the game a little while myself, but you get amazed at what you thought you know, but you really didn’t know and what you weren’t doing right. So it’s not only been valuable, but it’s a lot of fun in the process. How can you beat that?

If you could tell a fellow veteran who has yet to experience PGA HOPE what they could expect if they experienced this for the first time, what would you tell them?

Ron Kurimsky:

Well, you’ve got to do it. I mean, it’s a lot of fun. It’s very rewarding. You get to hang out with great people, not only from the standpoint of the cadre and the officers who are running the program and the professionals and the instructors, but also from the veterans themselves who are really, really terrific. And you get that feeling as soon as you get around them. They’ve given a lot to the country and the instructors and PGA HOPE is giving a lot back, and it’s just a very fulfilling thing to watch.

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