Changing Lives Through PGA HOPE: Paul Fuller

As Project Golf continues its work in advancing the mission of PGA HOPE (“Helping Our Patriots Everywhere”), we check in with participating veterans to get their thoughts on how the program has helped servicemen and servicewomen in need. Here, Paul Fuller offers his testimonial on the benefits of PGA HOPE.

Speaker 1:
What has the PGA HOPE experience meant for you?

Paul Fuller:
Oh, it was a great time. The instructors, the people, it was all just a great, fantastic time. Opportunity to learn how to hit a ball, and how to hit all the wedges and all that. And so, it was a really great experience to come out here and have camaraderie with former vets.

Speaker 1:
If you could tell any fellow vets who have yet to experience this, what they could expect when they took part in PGA HOPE, what would you tell them?

Paul Fuller:
I would tell them, “Come on out, this is a great time.” I’m ready to tell them, tell people I already know. All my vets. This is it. If you want your game to come up, this is an opportunity with PGA HOPE to get the opportunity to get your game going!

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